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19.02.2017 - NDS in Bratislava, Slovakia
Magik Rainbow Antonio Banderas MW - Intermediate class, Ex.1, CAC, BOB, Slovakia winner!
Congrats owner!


19.02.2017 - IDS in Osaka, Japan
Magik Rainbow Bernard MS - BOB & BEST OF GROUP-1!!!
New INT Champion!
Congrats to owner!


19.02.2017 - IDS in Hungexpo, Budapest, Hungary
Judge - Katalin Radvanszky
Magik Rainbow Kaiser Wilhelm MS - Open Class CAC, CACIB & BOS!

18.02.2017 - Clubshow
Judge - Korozs Gábor

Magik Rainbow Kaiser Wilhelm MS - Open Class, CAC & BOB!

Congrats to owner!


18-19.02.2017 - 2x NDS in Valmiera, Latvia
And our youngest girls performed great again - MAGIK RAINBOW FALLING IN LOVE MS - 2 X Best Puppy in Breed! 
A great puppy & handler team we have, based on true friendship and love
Congrats to owners!


18.02.2017 - Mie Dachshund club show in Japan
Magik rainbow Bernard MS - Best Of Breed & R.King!!!
Congrats to owner


18.02.2017 - NDS in Panevėžys, Lithuania
Judge in ring - VytautasBaranauskas
Judge in group - ValentinasStiklius
Judge in BIS- Viktor Pilikin 

Magik Rainbow Lionel Marselio Kompanija
Congrats to owner!!!


15.02.2017 - 2016 TOP Miniature Smooth Dachshunds in Japan
Pedigree award Japan Kenel club
JAPAN Champion MAGIK RAINBOW BERNARD MS - 2016 TOP Miniature Smooth Dachshunds !!!!!
Congrats to owner!


12.02.2017 - Ladies Kennel Club Championship show in South Africa
Judge - Anca Giura (Romania)
Champion Magik Rainbow Vincent van Gogh MW of Clearview Best of Breed!
Congrats to owner!


11.02.2017 - Champion of Champions & Veteran of Veterans in Finland
Multi Champion Magik Rainbow ZZ Top!

Congrats to owners!


4-5.02 - 2xNDS in Valga, Estonia
MAGIK RAINBOW FALLING N LOVE MS - on her first show 2 x Pyppy BOB & PUPPY BIS 1!!!
Congrats to owner!


4-5.02.2017 - 2xIDS in Brno, Czech Republic
Magik Rainbow Leonardo MS
- 2 x CACIB & 2 x BOS!
New Champion of Czech Republic!
Congrats owner!


Now its official
Congrats owner!


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